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What is Chancellery?

Chancellery functions as the epicenter of the university administration and coordinates the functions of several offices which provide various services to the university community as well as stakeholders.

Where is the location of Chancellery?

The Chancellery is located in the main campus of UTeM which is in Jalan Hang Tuah, Durian Tunggal, Melaka. The building is located next to the lake with a curved building design as an iconic symbol at UTeM.

What types of services are offered?

Chancellery consists of the following offices:

1. Vice-Chancellor’s Office
2. Chancellery Management and Relations Office
3. Internal Audit Office
4. Legal Advisor Office
5. Centre For Smart Enviroment

Each office provides different services according to their respective functions.

What are the functions of the offices under the chancellery?

i. VC's Office:
General function and role of the Vice Chancellor's Administrative Office as the Chief Executive Officer of the University.
The office is responsible for ensuring that the university's plans, programs and policies are successfully implemented, therefore achieving the desired mission and vision.

ii. Legal Advisor's Office:

  • Administering and managing the enforcement of Statutory Bodies (Discipline and Surcharge) Act 2000, Act 605;
    - Investigating and prosecuting the discipline proceeding of staff in light of the Statutory Bodies (Discipline and Surcharge) Act 200, [Act 605].
  • Administering and managing the legal matters handled by panel lawyer especially for litigation and conveyancing matters;
  • Drafting legal documents i.e Memorandum of Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding and others involving the University;
  • Assisting in the drafting and amending of UTeM Constitution;
  • Managing debt recovery;
  • Managing cases of Breach of contract such as:
    - Scholarship Agreement;
    - Pre-mature notice of resignation;
    - Tenancy Agreement
  • Administering and managing the system of staffs’ Ownership of property under Rule 9 of Act 605;
    - First declaration;
    - Additional declaration;
    - Declaration of no change; and
    - Disposal of property(ies)
  • Administering and managing the application for Outside employment under Rule 4 of Act 605, ownership of company/corporation under Rule 9 of Act 605, ownership of shares in company(ies), managing approval from Vice Chancellor for State’s Land Acquisition’s application, and other matters listed under Act 605.
  • Monitoring the implementation of Management and compliance of University’s Contract via Sistem Pengurusan & Pematuhan Kontrak (SPPK) and Contract Compliance audit visit.

iii. Corporate Communications and Chancellery Management Office

  • Highlight UTeM's Visibility Through Multiple Media Sources
  • Manage and Coordinate all media partners in all university's official events and programmes.
  • Manage and coordinate the booking of the main meeting room and main banquet room of the chancellery.
  • Coordinate and Manage Promotional and Exhibition Activities.
  • Coordinate and Manage UTeM's official events and regarding protocol and program's arrangement.
  • Manages and coordinates the purchase and allocation of university corporate souvenirs.
  • Manage and coordinate all matters related to invitations of VIPs and VVIPs for all official university events.
  • Manage and coordinate everything related to graphic design involving university branding.
  • Manage and coordinate all photography and video recording for all official university events.
  • Manage all video production projects for all official university events.

iv. Internal Audit's Office

  • To aid preparation for external audits. After 10 years of its establishment, IAU was upgraded to Office of Internal Audit (OIA) on October 4, 2013 through Administrative Circular No. 44 of 2013.
  • To ensures accountability in administration and financial management through auditing and financial activities in UTeM. 
  • Audit findings reports of activities / programs assessment and financial management are presented in Audit Committee meetings for approval. After that, the reports will be presented in the Board of Directors meeting.

v. Centre for Smart Environment's Office (CENSEi)

  • Increase public awareness of occupational safety and environmental sustainability especially among UTeM citizens through promotion, sharing and dissemination of information to model sustainable campus development.
  • Coordinating and providing facilities for strategic initiatives of learning, research and community service activities related to occupational safety and environmental sustainability at the university level.
  • Create a group of experts as consultants in related projects and activities.
  • Documenting occupational safety and environmental sustainability activities including learning outcomes, research and consultation activities, and community service programs for the community in the state of Melaka.
  • Establish two-way communication channels to improve cooperation and consultation between employers and employees in improving safety and health in the workplace.
  • Assist in the preparation, implementation, review and improvement of occupational safety and environmental sustainability policies.
  • Propose and implement improvements in rehabilitation activities related to occupational safety and environmental sustainability.